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Shipping KetoSkream

Behind the Scenes of Shipping KetoSkream Ice Cream

Shipping KetoSkream

A question we get VERY OFTEN is why on earth do I have to pay $24.99 to ship ice cream? We're here to tell you the reason behind the price to ship ice cream on dry ice!

From the moment you click "pay now" on the checkout screen of our website, we're working hard to get your KetoSkream order to your front door!

Awareness is key and educating our customers will make the delicious taste of KetoSkream that much better when you appreciate the details of behind the scenes!

Every order shipped is packaged in an insulated bag, that is then put into a box. This not only helps the dry ice last longer, but also protects the items from being damaged in shipping. 

Dry ice is considered a dangerous good and needs to be handled with care. Dry Ice also comes with a high price tag and the further the package has to go, and the more products in the package; the more dry ice is needed. 

Dry ice is the generic name for carbon dioxide in its solid form. It is much denser and colder than ice made from frozen water and is much heavier than traditional ice, weighing about twice as much for the same size block. 

We all know that shipping comes with a cost, but when the package is heavier, it adds even more cost into the mix! Having a heavier package means it now has to be weighed at the shippers depot upon arrival. Once weighed they need to find a space for it on the appropriate truck that has room for heavier items. If travelling a few provinces over this process could happen more than once! 

We plan for shipments to leave Alberta on Mondays and even with our expedited shipping it still takes up to 4 days for the shipment to arrive in the Eastern provinces like Ontario for example. 

Of course there is always the possibility for a delay; human error, mother nature, acts of God, etc. Think; wrong shipping address, no buzzer # included, wild fires or floods, covid, and more! We hope that this doesn't effect the transit time but we add an extra day when deciding how much dry ice is needed just in case!

For the most part our process works, the pieces of the puzzle come together and your KetoSkream order arrives without fail! We have added some features recently like the the ability to track your package on your own, as well as receive updates on the status. We're always continuing to work to improve the process and have our products available to all provinces across Canada shortly in hopes that everyone, everywhere, is able to have frozen treats delivered right to their door!