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  • Delicious and flavourful keto-friendly frozen pizza with gooey cheese and a thin crisp crust made without cauliflower. High Fat, high protein, and low carb.

    16g of Fibre per serving: Eating one serving of KetoSlice is 57% of the daily value of fibre intake!

    5g net Carbs per slice: Now you can have a slice of pizza and an ice cream bar while staying in ketosis without missing out on your favourites!

    45% Bigger: KetoSlice has a net weight of a whopping 520 g.

    Crispy Crust: Our recipe is a game changer for the keto krew and non-keto's alike. Made without cauliflower for a guaranteed crispiness every time!

    Made in Canada: KetoSlice is proud to be Canadian owned, Canadian operated, and Canadian manufactured.

  • Crust (water, flax seeds, wheat gluten, oat fiber, malted barley flour, extra virgin olive oil, yeast, vinegar, dehydrated onion and garlic, sea salt, herbs, salt, spice) • Toppings (mozzarella cheese [partly skimmed milk, salt, bacterial culture, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme], white cheddar cheese [milk, bacterial culture, salt, calcium chloride, microbial enzyme], provolone cheese [milk, salt, lipase, microbial enzyme, bacterial culture], fontina cheese [milk, calcium chloride, bacterial culture, microbial enzyme, lipase]) • Sauce (water, tomatoes, garlic powder, extra virgin olive oil, herbs, citric acid).

    Contains: Wheat, Barley, Oats, Milk, Mustard. May contain: Soy, Eggs.