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FAQs & Policies

Refund Policy

KetoSkream is non-refundable. In the case that your product arrives melted or damaged, please reach out to info@ketoskream.com. You will be asked to provide proof of damages and a solution will be reached within 24 hours of your e-mail.

Shipping Information

Our high-quality insulated bags and dry ice will keep your ice cream frozen from the moment it leaves the facility to when you put it into your freezer. In the event you received thawed ice cream, please contact us at info@ketoskream.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

When, where and how do you deliver?
Orders ship once a week on Monday or Tuesday and arrive 1-3 business days later to all Canadian Provinces (with exception to Territories, PO Boxes and select areas). The ice cream is shipped with dry ice and insulation using delivery services like Loomis or UPS.

How do I track my order and do I need to be at home to receive my order
Cut off is Sunday night to receive orders for the following Monday/Tuesday delivery. You will be emailed a tracking number once your order is shipped and have the ability to track the package as the delivery service updates its status. Packages are shipped “NSR” - No signature required so you do not have to be home or available to receive it and the Ice Cream will be left at your door and remain frozen. Click here to track your package.

Where can I purchase your products? Stores on your locator map do not have your product.
Check our store locator here but be sure to call ahead to confirm availability. We do not have access to individual store’s inventory. Our products tend to move through quickly so please ask the manager at your favourite grocery store to stock KetoSkream to help us spread the love for our products to everyone!

How do I dispose of the dry ice that comes with my order?
The dry ice that comes with your order is wrapped and separated from the KetoSkream containers. For your safety, do not touch the dry ice. Keep the dry ice inside of the opened box in a well-ventilated area. The dry ice will evaporate on its own within 24 hours of delivery. Never touch dry ice with bare hands or let it come in contact with your skin. Keep the dry ice out of reach of children and pets.

Can I eat your ice cream if I am diabetic?
With only 1g - 2g of net carbs per serving, and no added sugar, many customers with diabetes love our ice cream. Be sure to read our full ingredients, and check with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

Is your ice cream dairy free & gluten free?
Our ice cream includes a heavy cream which is not dairy free and our ice cream is not certified gluten free, however our products do not contain gluten.

Are your products made in a nut free facility?
KetoSkream does not contain nuts or peanuts, however our ice cream is not made in a peanut free facility.

How long does the ice cream last in the freezer?
In order to maximize freshness, we recommend consuming within 6 months. Our products are still safe to consume after 6 months but are more susceptible to freezer burn.

Are your cartons recyclable?
Yes. Please rinse pints after use or disassemble cardboard box's and place it in the recycling bin.

Is Ketoskream coming out with new flavours?
Absolutely! Stay tuned for updates! 

Why is shipping expensive?
The challenge of shipping frozen goods comes with a cost that adds up quickly with the price of dry ice, packing supplies and labour, handing the package, and fuel. Read more here to learn about shipping ice cream.

Why does/doesn’t Costco have it, and why is their prices so much better?
Costco's KetoSkream bars were only made possible at their exclusive price point and in their exclusive 8-pack due to the large volume of order that Costco placed, which in turn brought the cost of materials and ingredients down due to the volume of their order. We're hoping to be able to match that price point eventually, or even come in at a lower price point as our small business continues to grow and the support of our amazing customers eventually allows for larger volume orders on our ingredients and materials, which in turn would bring the cost down for all of our products. 

Unfortunately we cannot control when, how much, or how often Costco carries KetoSkream; but we are thankful for their partnership and proud to see our products in their freezer! We are not able to know which locations have our products, how much they have, or when they will have more. Please reach out to your favourite Costco to ask!